Bending the path towards sustainable beauty.

As the founder of a beauty company, I want first to acknowledge what’s not beautiful in this world. For the past century, humans have single-handedly disrupted the natural order of things. We’ve wiped out entire species, lost our wild spaces, and contaminated the air, water, and soil. And with global CO2 levels at unprecedented levels, we all face some tough choices. 

And while the world around us appears bleak, we believe real transformation is possible. We have to start working with Nature, not against it. At Bend Beauty, we are using our business as a force for good and a force of nature. We feel it’s important to share, with transparency, our path to create more beauty in this world: 

Rapid decarbonization: with global CO2 levels still rising, the world needs to move quickly to reduce its carbon footprint and shift towards green energy solutions. 

Our progress to date:

  1. Our facilities are 100% powered by green energy from solar, wind, and low impact hydro
  2. High virtualization of our workspace means we’ve dramatically reduced our transportation footprint. 
  3. We’ve made an investment in a renewable energy company.

Fund frontline activism: leading the efforts of Climate Action are the non-profits. Without their tireless efforts, there would be no hope for change. Through our membership in 1% for the Planet, we donate one percent of each sale to environmental non-profits. 

Our progress to date:

  1. We’ve donated more than $1million to non-profits and have helped raise awareness of their work and supported important campaigns. Their achievements have included preserving wild spaces, protecting endangered species, and lobbying for upgraded regulations.

Sustainable supply chain: Like all businesses, we consume stuff, and will continue to consume. The difference is that Bend Beauty has developed a responsible supply chain strategy to minimize environmental impact.

Progress to date:

  1. We completed a Purchasing Policy that ensures all office supplies, electronics, food, and cleaning agents go through a detailed environmental impact screening process.
  2. We have developed a raw material sourcing guide to ensure our products meet best in class environmental and ethical standards, including when possible, using organic ingredients and marine ingredients that are certified as sustainably harvested. 

Next steps: 

  1. We recently engaged the fantastic team at Upswing Solutions to support our sustainability work and look forward to sharing the results with you. 
  2. We will address our residual carbon footprint through carbon credits. 
  3. We are working on a sustainable packaging strategy  
  4. We are working on novel ingredient solutions that have value-added benefit for the environment

“Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.”

Zelda Fitzgerald